Illusional Paradigm





And  now with the information technology  text  is being  replaced  by
The  computers  criterion  for  dropping  various  elements from the textual
knowledge  would  depend    on  the  manageability  and  softwareability.
Like text it would also bring in new elements in the realm of what they
claim as knowledge.
To quote from a writing  on ' Human Nature and the Digital Culture: The Case
for Philosophical Anthropology' by Dennis M. Weiss  of York College of
Pennsylvania  "Where this world is chaotic and difficult to comprehend, the
computer offers us the image of a world of order, logic, reason, and
transparency. While we may have lost our cosmological map in this world, the
computer offers us a ready replacement: the pristine, orderly lines of the
flowchart, which becomes the new image of an orderly and computable nature.
Flowchart, program, and microchip become part of the new cosmology. To the
homeless and the rootless of this fragile world, images of the web spanning
the globe, of the Internet encircling the world, of Netscape providing us
with connections to the world are comforting on a metaphysical level. They
assure us that we too may once again master the world and hold it in our
hands. Our own lives gain a sense of order and stability when reflected back
to us in our Web pages. While we may have little control over the world
around us, we can define the world and our links to it via our own home

The calamity of virtualization of knowledge will be far more destructive and
elusive. Already the ICT shareholders are claiming many advantages over the
textual knowledge.
The  ultimate  loss  is  that  of  human  creativeness and the life at
large.If our experience is destroyed, our behavior will be distorted and